The Seludo Story 3 of 3 (WWL Eyewitness News 4)

03 Mar

Alfie’s Entry: This is the third of three videos that WWL Eyetwitness News 4 in New Orleans did on our story.  The focus is “Who is Jesse Robert (JR) Salsbury,” the man who allegedly destroyed the lives of two families.  Aired on July 7, 1994.

The case never went to trial.  On October 2, 1994, JR pleaded “No Contest” to Attempted Manslaughter of our father, Dr. Manolito Seludo.  I will share the newspaper article covering this outcome from Baton Rouge’s Morning Advocate paper in a future post.

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One response to “The Seludo Story 3 of 3 (WWL Eyewitness News 4)

  1. Nancy L. Kelly

    March 7, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    OK -the motive is now established. How can a criminal system think a Jury will NOT convict a already convicted drug-dealing criminal against a Doctor and his loving family? Let the jury decide (if that is what the family wants.) Not once… have they stated they want the accused to die for what he did, or may have done – they only want their day in court. To bring forth witnesses, while they are still alive to do so.

    Perhaps their one bite out of the apple will be lost, perhaps JR Salisbury will go free – perhaps, but I doubt it and I think they KNOW the risk they will take if the DA is not ready to fully prosecute. People today are less lenient when there are “suspicious circumstances” – they would rather err on the side of guilty than let a guilty man go free to harm again. It should NOT be the decision of a DA who is only interested in success rates, and who is not interested in the pain of a family – crippled by the loss of their father, and the fact the suspect may be released some day and come after them. I implore FB readers to write to the LA governor to stop his release until, at least, this case is tried in a court of law.See More
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