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Contribute to the Story – We need your story

Forced into adulthood as teenagers and being caretakers of our parents, we only vague memories of a healthy Mom and Dad that exist.  We want to know them as you knew them prior to and/or after their accident. We are seeking stories from folks that can help us understand their characters based on your relationship with them as a  family member, friend, colleague, and our father’s patient. We would appreciate any stories that you would like to share about our parents.

We recognize that we may need to speak with folks from a generation that may not be heavy computer users. If you are aware of people that we should get in touch with, we ask that you obtain their permission to provide us with their contact information so that we will reach out to them.  

The sharing of your stories will greatly help us chronicle “The Seludo Story”.

To share your story with us or for more information on our story, email Alfie and Alta Seludo at with your contact information (email and phone number).


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