The Seludo Story 1 of 3 (WWL Eyewitness News 4)

04 Mar

Alfie’s Entry: When Dad drank a glass of water from his gallon sized Kentwood container from his refrigerator on September 13, 1989, he went into cardiac arrest and died for three minutes in the ambulance while being transported from Napoleonville to Baton Rouge’s Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.  He was revived shortly after while in the ambulance.  It wasn’t until 5 days later after this incident that beliefs of cyanide poisoning caused this to happen to Dad.  A criminal investigation began at this time. 

With all the evidence being circumstantial, the district attorney did not want to go to trial if he didn’t believe he could win the case.  Rhetorical question but feel free to leave a comment – How many alleged criminals were found guilty based on circumstantial evidence?  

Hoda Kotb of WWL TV Eyewitness News 4 in New Orleans did a three night broadcast of our story with hope that the public can persuade the DA to go to trial so that a jury can decide if the man who allegedly poisoned our dad is guilty or not.  We just wanted it to go to trial.  This is the first of three which was aired on July 5, 1994.  The focus of the first story is our dad.

PS – Not sure what I was thinking with the bright red lipstick.  Maybe it was the “in thing” in the 1990’s.  🙂


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2 responses to “The Seludo Story 1 of 3 (WWL Eyewitness News 4)

  1. Mike Nguyen

    March 6, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. For me, reading the introduction and about the “Seludo Story” project and what happened to your family was intense enough already. What happened to your family was so wrong and it difficult for me to comprehend how someone can and would do that.

    Seeing the archived news video’s was even more raw and puts it into more of a perspective for me. I don’t know how you girls got through during those times. Wow is all I can say and I give you girls KUDOS. I am not sure if I would have been able to go through or endure what you and your family have gone through.

    On a different note, WOW again for how young you girls were in the news clips. The both of you look exactly the same then as you do today, except better fashionable clothing now! Ha Ha. Okay enough of that. . .

    Thank you for putting the project together for people to hear your story.


  2. Nancy L. Kelly

    March 7, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    I actually started on Video 2, but back-tracked to this since I still hold great interest in the “Anatomy of Murder” – which I am sure this is. More tears, and anger too at the injustice of it all. No fingerprints, and the SOB of a Def. A…tt. to even SUGGEST he (Salsbury) is a victim of circumstances. He had the opportunity – check. (Access to chemicals, and to the victim’s home just prior) Motive? Find this, and you may solve your case – as they say, “Follow the money.”. I don’t believe in trying someone unless conviction is possible – as you only get ONE shot due to Double Jeopardy, and yes, there are many unanswered questions here. Bringing it up in a very public forum is a move in a positive direction. You need closure, and solving the case (and hopefully SOMEONE out there can shed more light upon it) is your primary objective. No one has ever been “cured” by injustice…there are only more victims, and more pain. Focus on solution rather than being avenged. BTW you looked very sincere and sympathetic in your clip. I hope you receive the justice you and your family deserve.


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